How to make tequeños


Ingredients and secrets of Venezuelan tequeños.

Every day the popularity of these delicious cheese-filled sticks is more evident, it is that how to resist these cheese snacks wrapped in a thin and soft dough of wheat flour, is simply the ideal appetizer for everyone. This snack has quickly become popular in Spain in recent years, we can find them at social events, restaurants and cafes, although often the question arises of where to buy the best Venezuelan tequeños, now we can also get them in major retail chains in the country and cook them at home.

What are Venezuelan tequeños and why are they so popular in Spain?

Venezuelan tequeños are wheat flour sticks filled with semi-hard cheese, ideal as an appetizer, since they are easy to make and at the moment of eating them, they are easy to eat fingers snacks. The origin of these delicious snacks has several hypotheses, some say that tequeños are Peruvian, others say they are Colombian or Venezuelan. For us, tequeños are Venezuelan and the main guest at any celebration, the favorite of snacks and an indulgence to our lives.

How tequeños are made.

Tequeños, or as many call them, cheese rolls, are handmade artisan products. There are several recipes and ways to make them, the key points to make these cheese fingers are two: the dough, which must have a soft but consistent texture, and the cheese, which must have an adequate salt content so that this cheese finger is not tasteless or too high in salt.

Currently there are several companies that sell them that later go through a freezing process, so now the frozen tequeños are a bet for many.


The preparation of tequeños is an easy recipe, the dough is made with wheat flour, butter, egg, salt and water, but there are several adaptations such as adding plantain, corn, etc.. Then the cheese is chopped into rectangles and the cheese is wrapped with the dough. Then we take the tequeños to the oven or to the fryer.

As expected, the boom of this product has unleashed several combinations and presentations of this product. One of the best combinations is tequeños with guasacaca (a sauce of herbs and vegetables, similar to a green mojo from the Canary Islands), but we can see them in the market combined with different sauces, some spicy, sweet or fruity.


The essential ingredients for the preparation of tequeños are wheat flour, eggs, water, salt and cheese for tequeños (originally it is hard cheese or llanero, but it can be substituted by another type of cheese).

Best dressings for your tequeños

The dressings that we recommend for tequeños are guasacaca, papelón (sugar cane base), spicy and garlic, but can be accompanied by a myriad of combinations, all depending on the taste of the diner.

Where to buy tequeños in Madrid

In Madrid these cheese sticks can be found in several places, from Venezuelan restaurants, hamburger joints, tapas bars, even in cinemas we can taste these delicious products. But if you prefer to make them at home you can get them in large retailers such as Mercadona, Carrefour, Hipercor, Makro and Costco, where you will find them ready to cook and eat.

P.A.N. tequeños can be tasted in several points of sale in the capital, you can enjoy them in their stores P.A.N. Store Kitchen and Market and also get them in large retail outlets.

These finger snacks have arrived in Spain to stay, this Venezuelan delicacy has managed to succeed thousands of miles away from its origin. Its appearance, versatility, ease and flavor make it unique and special. It is important to take care of the production process, to do it with care and dedication, since the recipe is very simple but the raw material and the processes are the key to obtain a quality product.


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